Providers of Intervention Services
Providers of Intervention Services

Intervention Testimonials

"We came to Stephen because of the desperate pain of alcoholism in our family. In retrospect, it seems to me that what we needed were three things: the clarity that his expert eyes brought as he gently helped us to understand what was happening to our family member and to us; the hope that we could help him through his crisis and point him toward recovery; and firm, professional guidance through the very difficult initial step of intervention.


He gave us those things and more, helping our loved one to begin the healing process and teaching our family that we too could heal. We remain ever grateful for his skilled and compassionate approach."


- Mike



“I would highly recommend The Wilkins Group for any assistance you may need in your life challenge. The knowledge and support for the addict / alcoholic and the families is superior. The kindness and understanding and empathy are heartwarming. In this process, though, the battle line is drawn. It has to be. Firmness gets the job done. You start with compassion and you travel to some unpleasant places. It requires participation and work from all who are involved and concerned. Tears are shed, but they are welcome and releasing.


The actual intervention process, for us, was both frightening and surprising. My child was very angry with me. Today my child is very grateful – thinking I gave her back her life and all I did was give her the opportunity to get it back herself. The success rate for the Wilkins Group in getting the addict / alcoholic into treatment is high. The rest of the work is up to addict / alcoholic. I will be eternally grateful that Stephen Wilkins came into our lives.”


- A Grateful Mother



"In my role as an admissions specialist I frequently direct families to contact Stephen Wilkins to discuss the benefits of a professionally facilitated intervention. 


After meeting with Stephen, your family will have a solid understanding of the disease of addiction and how it affects the alcoholic/addict's behavior and decision making. Stephen takes time to understand the family, the patient's history, and works with the family to come together in a loving way to offer a solution to the person suffering from addiction.


I have known Stephen Wilkins through my work in addiction treatment for over four years and I have seen that he saves families. He has been instrumental in saving the lives of those suffering from addiction." 


- Marlyce Bowdish, Admissions Specialist



"Loving interventions offer hope, healing and a real future for those caught in the throes of addiction. Stephen Wilkins brings experience and knowledge to this delicate process. He understands fully the need to present a clear, compelling and emotionally relevant reason to enter treatment for an addict or alcoholic.


Stephen knows that addicts do want to change, but lack the courage and resources needed. Having referred famlies to Stephen, they report universally that he guided them through the intervention from beginning to end with clarity and compassion.


People need not hit bottom in order to change. Do not wait, if a loved one is lost to drugs or alcohol, seek help now. I recommend Stephen and his associates without hesitation."


- James Thomas, Institute for Change



Ready to take the next step?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you regarding your personal or professional intervention needs.

Stephen Wilkins, Founder

The Wilkins Group


Phone: 720-366-4736


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