Providers of Intervention Services
Providers of Intervention Services


In our society today, the intervention process has often been poorly misrepresented through popular media. The following resources provide more accurate information about this loving, healing process:


In April of 2017 Stephen made a presentation to the community on The Healing Model of Intervention. A video of the presentation can by clicking on the link below.

In 2011, Stephen and his mentor, Howie Madigan, were interviewed for a series of two articles specifically addressing The Healing model of Intervention:


“Intervention: From fear to empowerment” By Julie Filby, Denver Catholic Register, July 15, 2014


"Experts Dispel Common Myths About Intervention" By Julie Filby, Denver Catholic Register, July 15, 2014.



Pleasure Unwoven. A 2009 documentary film that provides an in-depth look at the disease model of addiction. Can be purchased from

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