Providers of Intervention Services
Providers of Intervention Services

Our Team

At The Wilkins Group we have a team of experienced interventionists to best meet the needs of any family.


We need to be aware of and responsive to many situations. Often times an addict may have had painful experiences at the hand of a male or a female abuser. This history needs to be considered when choosing an appropriate interventionist. We need to be gender sensitive. The age of the addict should be considered when choosing an interventionist. We are aware and can be appropriately responsive to all of these needs. We can provide the best choice to the family.


About Stephen Wilkins


Stephen Wilkins is a professional interventionist and worked as a certified addictions counselor. Stephen trained at The National Center for Intervention and later sat on The Board of Directoers for that organization. Stephen has been fascilitating since 2002. He is a member of The National Association of Drug and Alcohol Couselors and practices under that organizatuins Canon of Ethics. He was a member of the board of directors of The National Center for Intervention. He is the founder of The Wilkins Group as well as a founding member of The Outreach for Recovery, a program through The Archdiocese of Denver to provide direction for families and individuals struggling with substance abuse.


Stephen has provided presentations and trainings on The Healing Model of Intervention at the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) on the campus of The University of Colorado Hospital, The University of Utah School on Alcohol and Drugs, Peer Assistance Services, as well as parents groups and churches across Colorado.




Ready to take the next step?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you regarding your personal or professional intervention needs.

Stephen Wilkins, Founder

The Wilkins Group


Phone: 720-366-4736


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